About Furmoo

Welcome to FURMOO We are a small New Zealand owned company.

Started in 2016 when I walked into a store and admired a beautiful leather cowhide travel bag as my eyes lit up I walked over to claim this bag, I turned the tag to see the price ...... Immediately my heart sank and I left the store !

Why must beautiful items come at such a HIGH cost? ..... this isn’t fair!

I couldn’t justify the price of a small car for this bag...

Then ...... FURMOO was created.

Overseas I went to source a factory to turn my ideas scribbled on paper to life! Our first original models were like my children. I still to this day get excited to see the FURMOO arrive and we still hand write and send all your parcels off for you to also enjoy!

It’s been a bumpy ride to get here but the drive was totally worth it!

Enjoy the FURMOO as much as I love bringing it to you!

Shelley FURMOO

All leather and hides are a bi product only from the meat & dairy industry.